Passion. to create the living space you deserve. Design. Creation. Let me capture your ispiration and harness it

Marina Spasiano

Malmo & Rome based interior designer, Marina Spasiano has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having worked in both the luxury residential and commercial interior design sectors worldwide for over twenty years.

Marina will create a space which is ultimately beautiful, supremely functional and a true reflection of each client’s needs and aspirations.


In the age of high quality direct to customer furniture and home furnishings it is easy to feel lost and unsure on how to design your space to fit your lifestyle. Let me do the heavy lifting for you and be your guide to more inspired living.

High Quality Products

I only using the highest quality products and materials to give you both a beautiful space and peace of mind that your investment is a long term one.

Personal Design

In design I believe it is of the utmost importance to capture your personality and ideas and shape them into your space. All projects are highly personalised and thought out from big picture to the tiniest of details.

Ready For Sale

Sometimes we renovate not to improve our space but to increase its value. Our bespoke design to sell service will help you increase the return on your property so you can move up o  the property ladder.

We only use the most experienced and trustworthy local contractors!

All of the contractors involved are highly skilled and experienced and local to you. I have spent many years establishing relationships with carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters and more, so that you can have piece of mind the work will be completed to the highest standards.

Reinvent Your Space


©Marina Spasiano

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